Creating flowerbags for Green walls

Hello, readers!

Here's Lukasz again! Before I get to the main point, I have to share with you some information. Rest of my group has quit our project. Yea, it's really sad. But in other hand quite better for me, because I'm kind of individual. I did not figure out what was the purpose to leave. I have heard that they "weren't motivated enough" or something like that. Well, I don't know what to think about it.

Ok, enough! Let's get to the main point of this blog, creating simple flower bags for our Green Walls! I will explain step by step the process of making as easy as I can. (honeslty, I've never done things like that. But it doesn't matter! Motivation matters, that's the thing!). I also uploaded pictures of me, creating one of those. Enjoy!~

Things you will probably need:

  • water-permeable material
  • thread
  • needle
  • flower soil
  • round cardboard form
  • plastic tape
  • piece of grass


  1. Take the material. Cut it into quite big rounds (15-20cm radius)
  2. With the help of the needle, wrap the thread around the end of material.
  3. Put the material on the cardboard form. (see picture1)
  4. Put the plastic tape on the "walls" of the form, in the material (see picture2 and 3)
  5. Pour some flower soil into created bag. (see picture4)
  6. Put the piece of grass into the bag. (see picture5)
  7. Fill empty places in the bag with flower soil.
  8. Tie up the bag (see picture6)
  9. Take out the bag from the form (see picture7)
  10. Put your ready flowerbag on the Green Wall! (see picture8)

And that's all! Simple, don't you think? For me it was enjoyable to create this flowerbags! One tip from us. You can also use flowers instead of grass if you want!

Someone may ask why we put plastic into bag. We want to loose as little water as possible. This plastic blocks water from escaping from the ground.

Yop, I think that's all for today! Have fun with making flowerbags!