The first days in Demotech and a little reflection

Hello all readers!

My name is Lukasz and I'm one of four people group from the UWC Maastricht (link is external). Firstly, I want to introduce myself a little. My name you already know :) I'm 16 years old and I came from Poland. Now I live in Hoensbroek, quite close to here. I will spend three years here, in Netherlands and I believe that this three years will be unforgettable for me :)

I'm working with Demotech as my service learning activity provided by the school. I'm here to learn such basic and advanced skills as:

  • Awareness
  • Challenge
  • Initiative
  • Collaboration
  • Commitment
  • Global Value
  • Ethics
  • Other new skills

By cooperating with Demotech I'm 110% sure that I will learn these skills and I will enjoy time spent here!

Now, I and my Friends are involved in "Green4Equity" project, which stands for making our whole World green and beautiful, especially in poor countries which are usually in lack of plants and flowers by using an amazing idea - Green Walls. It can be made out of some scrap metal, wood, things which are cheap or even free, because low or 0 price is extremely important for these countries. There will be used waste water to water these plants. Everything to make our planet more beautiful, more ecologic and of course GREEN!

In my opinion, this idea is really great! I've always seen this world in grey and black colors, sad, stinking, and made out of concrete. And I'm saying about rich countries, which should keep their lands nice, colorful and sustainable. So not only the poorest needs green, but also rich who forget, how to live in BALANCE between nature and their own business.

A week ago at Demotech we were introduced into fast learning method, which stands for dividing whole subject of workshop into steps. I think I need to read more about this idea because I still didn't get it really good. I also taught people how to use graphics program GIMP with a tablet, using my own experience. I have to admire, how well they did (first time using tablet!). The funniest thing about this is that I haven't taught anybody, never... never like that. It was really fun and also great opportunity to get to know with each other, even if I'm really quiet and shy person (well, by reading this blog you would disagree with me I bet :)). And the last thing we did here past week was creating our own plates for plants for the Green wall. I enjoyed it a lot! It was quite noisy (... using hammer you know!), but Joseph (our friend, and member of the group) had an great idea to bend the walls without using hammer so our ears would survive! I attached some photos on this entry made by Reinder, you should take a look (click on the photo to make it bigger), especially for that we don't use any machines or electric tools to make this plates. And THIS IS ecologic!

I wrote a lot, but I could have written even more... that's my character: silent in real life, but talkative in the internet. :)

See you soon,