My first day

Dear peeps,

Today I stepped into the world of the legendaric Reinder, and came in touch with his ideas and the vision of Demotech.
My name is Jorien and I am a curious being in love with life. I would like to learn how to create any kind of useful stuff.

Reinder introduced me in his innovative method of crowd-learning, a fast learning process, which ignited a fire of enthusiasm in me. This is what we need, new systems which are designed to contribute to a sustainable life on earth and collaboration between people. Instead of destruction and violence, such systems stimulate healing and growth.

Reinder involved me in the Green4Equity project which seems a lovely idea in my eyes. Vertical green; hanging trays with plants and an irrigation system, applicable in any place including busy cities and their slums. Apart from the practical facet it involves a deeper aspect of social interaction and care for our world.

I also met Arnoud, a friendly guy who does interesting work in the field of sustainability and is also familiar with the Green4Equity project. It has been an interesting first day and I look forward to continue this journey.

With Love,