Social Entrepreneurship in Demotech

Hello people!

It's Lukasz here! After 3 week long break from service in Demotech I am back again! Last week we spent time on doing more flower bags for our nice green wall hanged on the window. But today I would like to share my statement about social entrepreneurship in Demotech. What is exactly social entrepreneurship? It's pursuing an innovative idea with big potential to solve a community problem. People who are passionate about taking risk and effort to make some positive changes in our society. To create new solution, or service, or a new approach for the problem. It's powered only by determination do achieve to make that happen.

Demotech is a very good example for an organization with social entrepreneurship. We have got ideas which are designed to help people, touched by poverty, or catastrophe, or even political problems (eg. recent demonstration in Ukraine) for no self-profit. But for better live of those people whose got worse conditions than we do.

I'm looking forward for more students from my school - UWC in Maastricht. It would be fantastic to make with them our own social entrepreneurship in Demotech! Especially when our school greatly supports this kind of social activity! We are going to make Demounits. "What are this Demounits?" you would ask. Demounits are an unusual way to express ourselves, to let people read our message that we want to send, even in a big crowd during parade or demonstration.

I think that would be really cool to make some of them for school! We've got some bigger and smaller events and this Demounits would suit to us perfectly! They can be shaped in any possible shape. They can be short, or very long. And we can place there our mottos, posters, text, and many more! It would be our great little-big engagement in social entrepreneurship with assistance of Demotech!

Of course I need people to do this. It's impossible to make such a big project as this alone (as I was concerned before). I'm going to inform the school with a real plan, so it's more convincing to take part in this project.

Well, this whole idea of making Demounits for School makes me more excited and more passionate to make this REAL! It will be surely a great fun, but also mutual responsibility of ensuring that the project is moving forward. And my first step to achieve that is to "hire" some friends from school! :D

I think that's all for now.

See you next time!