On the way

Dear all,

In just a week I got used to quite some things in 'Africa on bicycle distance' a.k.a Demotech. I became familiar with Reinder's intriguing brainwaves, his dancemoves, his frustrations, his sympathy and his enthusiasm. I learnt how to light the stove and feed it with wood, know where to find tools and feel free to eat as much banana's as I want. Reinder is taking good care of me and I feel more and more at home. I meet him daily and feel more connected to the green4equity project we are working on. Nowadays I mostly leave the place with dirty hands, which is a good sign. Since I am a baby in this technical field I am learning very basic but useful things. I am introduced in using devices like the metal drill and the hacksaw. I learnt how to fold the tin for the plant trays and prepared the iron wires with little pieces of rubber (cut from tires) on which these trays will hang. Furthermore I am learning some valuable indirect lessons; patience, perseverance and facing the challenge of proper communication, structuring and networking. The way is not straight and smooth, but adventurous. Mistake by mistake we improve and finally succeed.

To be continued.

Yours sincerely,