Hello Everyone


We are a group of students from the United World College Maastricht.

... and the saga continues ...


For those who haven't read my first blog: you might want to catch up to understand the physical process used for the green wall. Apart from that I've spent a great deal on the water transporting material.

Go, go, go for Oikos' Green Walls Workshop


Nine more days to go till the 15th of March. Loads of work to do still for that workshop.

Introduction video


A short introduction, made by Bram de Vries, illustrating the broad appropriateness of G4E.

Hi everyone


I'm Marieke, a german engineer student, and staying in Maastricht for a couple of weeks to gain insight into the amazing work of DEMOTECH.

For the time being I am working on the G4E project with the aim to set up a green wall in one of the windows. So far that included everything from understanding the working principle of the prototypes, little material experiments all the way to modification of construction parts. To make it easier for you guys to follow, I'll break my work of the past few days down to little chapters.

Paper plants for the traveling GreenWall


On Thurday 14th, at their dinner table, I can explain to the Oikos-delegates what is the idea of "Green for Equity".

Great helpers today, March 7th