Floor cloth as waterlogged contact sheet for wetting the soil in the containers

Materria used: synthetic floor cloth 'dweil materiaal, contactnumm er: 1227037 [#1228993] het artikelnummer van B est Budget 'dweil' is 09.13.176,

Tis article is purchased by retailer Blokker by N.V. New Manta, website http://multy.nl/locatie-belgie, Get info by filling in a request form at this sitet.

This cloth is now used at the bottom of the trays suspeded in the window of Reinder's room. Important to find out if this cloth can remain immersed in water without falling apart.

The alternaive may be cement tiles with small grooves in the cement surface, that stay wet, but the plastic of the containers is not in direct contact with this thin layer of water

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