Green4Equity's primairy manual is under construction.

Textile Loop
Tibor Stolz

As a means for transporting water, the cloth pump uses a loop of textile material, which soaks up water at the bottom and is squeezed at the top of the pump.

We take pieces of soft cotton yarn from an old rug and braid them together to form a closed loop. The resulting strip should be rather thin, making it easier to squeeze and reducing the amount of material required. Therefore, the basic 3-strand braid pattern is a good choice. The making process also includes inserting new threads when the threads in use become too short, and finally joining the two ends.

Tools needed: two screw clamps, fixing pins, self-made "needle" (piece of wire)
Material: Soft cotton yarn, e.g. from a rug (total length about four times the desired length of the loop)
Time needed: 3-4 hours (experienced worker: 2 hours?) for 5.5 meters loop length

Square plant pots for G4E-trays

This manual is made for Crowd Workshopping. A complex make-task is done while the workshop participant is guided along a number of tables or Workstations. At each workstation an easy to learn- and then to do task is taught by a teacher, who is specialized in that special small task. Easy for that teacher to do a good teaching job, easier for the participant to learn in this one-to-one teaching environment.

Starting at Workstation 1, the workshop participant receives the material needed to actually do what is needed. With that result, she or he moves on to Workstation 2 to perform the next step in the process of making. After passing all the Workstations, the participant has actually made the product, has understood the why and how of each step, has make a note of what was actually done, has got expert advise that fitted her or his special abilities or preferences.

For participants that really go for it, this crowd workshopping offers a fast way of getting complete command and ownership of the process of making the product itself and has learned many special tricks that can be applied elsewhere.

In this manual each page relates to the task to be done at one single workstation.